[nafex] Ripening pears

Ed & Pat Fackler rocmdw at aye.net
Fri Sep 29 07:54:52 EDT 2000


     In our experience, the most fool proof way to ripen most all European pear is
by guaging pressure of fruit near the stem.  This can be done very easily or when
there is a slight give, pick them and store as quickly as practical to 32-34
degrees for a week to 10 days.
Then bring them out as needed and allow to ripen at room temps (65 or so) for 3-4
days, sampling each day.
     In a home refrigerator, take them to the lowest practical temp (perhaps 38)
and handle as described above.  Keep in mind that at higher temps (even by a few
degrees) overall storage life will be reduced.


"Richard J. Ossolinski" wrote:

> Hello, all,
> I've never cared for Euro pears, despite their sometimes wonderful flavor.
> It's the texture (mouth feel) that doesn't agree with me.  Furthermore, they
> have rarely done well for me, despite my giving them plenty of attention. In
> this light I have been converting my Euro trees to Asians, which are much more
> to my liking and which grow well here with very little pampering.  However,
> this year two or three of my remaining Euro trees are laden with gorgeous
> fruit, most of which is rapidly approaching harvest maturity and is just too
> good to waste on a cider supplement.  Here's where I need some advice: what's
> the most foolproof (notice the careful choice of words) way to assure timely
> harvest and successful ripening off the tree?  I know this has been discussed
> in the past, but my prejudice (against Euros) has always caused me to turn a
> deaf ear (again I refer you to the 'fool' in 'foolproof'.) Perhaps  your
> comments will lead to a reprieve for these last few trees.  Thanks in advance
> for any guidance.
> Richard

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