[nafex] Apple Recommendations

Doreen Howard doreenh at ticon.net
Thu Sep 28 20:51:15 EDT 2000

I just received The Book of Apples, which I ordered from amazon.com, and
immediately looked up Black Gilliflower, which was not listed.  There was a
Cornish Gilliflower, though.  And, there is Sheep's Nose, and its
description exactly matches the apples I bought at Appleberry Farms, west of
Madison, WI last weekend.  They were marked Sheepnose--close enough to
Sheep's Nose for me.  So, despite what Jill Vorbeck said, I believe I have
Sheep's Nose.  And, it's a great tasting apple.  It doesn't have good
keeping properties, according to the Book of Apples, but it sure tastes
terrific now.

About all the apples bandied around today--the one mentioned the most, and
with great passion, is Sweet Sixteen.  I've read of its characteristics
before and ordered it from Applesource.  It didn't live up to the press.
But.....as you all have pointed out, weather, soil and climate have lots to
do with flavor.  I'm going to try to locate Sweet Sixteen grown in a
different climate and taste it again.

You guys make me giggle with your banter.  My apple question is worth its
weight in gold for the laughs, if nothing else!
Doreen Howard
Zone 4b--Wisconsin, which is paradise this time of year.

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