[nafex] Apple Recommendations

jhecksel at voyager.net jhecksel at voyager.net
Thu Sep 28 19:06:41 EDT 2000

> All you apple
> growers out there, how about your recommendations for the best tasting
> apple?

It is a tie for first place between Sweet 16 and one of those
never-released NY ------19 disease resistant apples.  The exact number
has been lost in antiquity but I remember it ends in "-19".  I do
remember talking with Ed Fackler about this apple, as he has also grown
it in "almost heaven".

Sweet 16 is usually head-and-shoulders above the other apples (except
NY--19).  Last year, our Sweet 16 were insipid.  Perhaps because I let
them overbear.

It is really not fair to mention an apple that is not available.  The
NY---19 apple is a Spartan crossed with a PRI selection.  It is disease
resistant and ripens early October in Southern Michigan.  It has intense
apple flavor, lick-your-lips richness and a texture that "pops!" in your
mouth.  The thing that impresses me most about this apple is a little
thing....even the skin tastes good!  I think Cornell never released the
apple because the growth habit is a bit weepy, the production a little
shy (although better than Ashmeade's Kernal).  I also noticed that the
rabbits appear to prefer chewing on this tree to all others.

GoldRush and Melrose are tied for second place.  

                                                     -Joe Hecksel
                                                      Eaton Rapids,

Mother Nature has a charming way of compensating small-brained people
with large mouths.

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