[nafex] Apple Recommendations

Naomi Ann Counides beefalo at rmci.net
Thu Sep 28 16:29:01 EDT 2000

My Keepsake here in Zone 6 Idaho, sandy alkaline soil, long season, irrigation (low
rainfall>  Is my most agreeable, reliable,  grower overwhelmingly friendly apple.  I
have to thin the whoopee out of it every year.  Big fruit, Big taste.  Keepsake!
Keepsake! Keepsake!  (I also have Cox, Golden Nugget, Grimes, Karmine and Jonagold.)


Ed & Pat Fackler wrote:

>      20.  Keepsake - Very shy, but flavor is great on the one apple you get
> every five years or so!
>      There you have it, or these are a few which come to mind.
>      Hope this helps.  I'd be extremely interested in hearing of others.  Hey,
> Jill Vorbeck, lets have it!!!!
> Ed

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