[nafex] Apple expert??

Ward Barnes ward_p_barnes at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 28 11:46:32 EDT 2000

>Thanks everyone for all the apple suggestions!  I'm going to have fun
>photographing and eating my way through all your suggestions.

As we have seen from the input of various people there is not a perfect 
apple to be had.  That is because each person has his/her on idea on what 
tastes good and that too varies with the purpose for that apple.  Which 
leads us in the continued search for the perfect apple.  And that is fun.  
If I find it I will let everyone know.  For myself, I am still looking for 
the perfect collard green and black-eyed pea (cooked in smoked hog jowl - of 

By the way what is an "expert"?  I have heard that an "ex" is a
*has been* and a "spurt" is a *drip under pressure*.

Ward Barnes
Coastal Zone 7
Wake, VA.

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