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Thu Sep 28 04:14:57 EDT 2000

Doreen Howard wrote:

> I may be writing a small book on the best tasting apples.  I'll have to
> limit the selection to about 30 varieties.  All you apple experts and
> growers out there, how about your recommendations for the best tasting
> apple?
> I've already started to photograph some apples--Black Gilliflower (which
> tasted great), Cox's Orange Pippin, Wolf River (a bit too tart for my taste,
> but good flavor) and Prairie Spy.  I will include Esopus Spitzenberg (my
> absolute favorite), Hudson's Golden Gem and Pitsmaston Pineapple.  All three
> are winners in my opinion.  Let's hear yours.

     My response------------

     Firstly, the term "expert" is highly relavent, or is directly related to
one's personal bias!!!  Also, in the words of the late Fred Janson, one must
always avoid the impressions of youth, as nostalgic influences often is a result
of a failing memory which distorts judgement (on anything).  Hell, I loved Fred.

     Re: comments above, my guess is that your "Black Gilliflower" is mislabeled
if can ascertain any flavor in it!!

     Anyway, here goes from So. Indiana (ie., Heaven or literally "apples in
heat") where soils are clay-loam (moderately fertile) and season of heat is
approx. 180 da.

     1. Sweet 16  --  expensive bourbon with a shot of vanilla!  Much easier to
grow up north.
     2. Spigold - Complex, intense and very juicy (difficult to grow because of
its Spy habits).
     3.  Suncrisp - Intense "cox" flavor with more sugars.
     4.  Freyberg - Banana-like with a touch of overripe raspberry.
     5.  Hokuto - While subject to season (requires much sun late), it is a mix
of Mutsu acids with Fuji sugars.
     6.  GoldRush - Battery acid off the tree---heavenly at Christmas and keeps
through May if stored in plastic.
     7.  Braeburn - Murder to grow (sus. to every apple problem), but possesses
enough complex acids to make it great.
     8.  Jonagold - For the new-to-the-game (of apple flavors), it is a very
pleasing mix of dead-ripe Jonathan and sugars of Golden.  Easy to eat.
     9.  Rubinette -  A sweeter, milder (and juicier) version of Suncrisp, but
ripens some 2 weeks earlier.
     10.  Newtown - (Not to eat prior to Jan. 1)  At this time, it is simply
great, many subtle complexities.
     11. ArkCharm - Great for about 17.5 mins. off the tree (no storage).  Rich
and easy to eat.
     12.  Orin - Wonderful in some (hot) seasons, bland in others.  A mild
pineapple-like flavor in most years.
     13.  Shizuka - A sweeter and juicier version of Mutsu which ripens about 10
da. prior.
     14.  NovaSpy - Great complexity (which slight vanilla-bourbon) and easier
to grow than most Spy sibs.
     15.  Sundowner - The highest flavored of the new "Austrailian" group which
can only be grown near the equator (due to extremely late ripening)!
     16.  Honeycrisp - For those who equate flavor with its wonderful texture.
     17.  Fuji - See descrip. of Honeycrisp.
     18.  Hudson's Gold Gem - When properly picked, it compares to really great
european pear (Collette, Magness, etc.).  Difficult to grow due to shy
production and fruit cracking.
     19.  Melrose - When starved for n., it is one of the finest tart apples
I've eaten, otherwise not much.
     20.  Keepsake - Very shy, but flavor is great on the one apple you get
every five years or so!

     There you have it, or these are a few which come to mind.

     Hope this helps.  I'd be extremely interested in hearing of others.  Hey,
Jill Vorbeck, lets have it!!!!


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