[nafex] Apple Recommendations

Doreen Howard doreenh at ticon.net
Wed Sep 27 21:03:56 EDT 2000

I may be writing a small book on the best tasting apples.  I'll have to
limit the selection to about 30 varieties.  All you apple experts and
growers out there, how about your recommendations for the best tasting

I've already started to photograph some apples--Black Gilliflower (which
tasted great), Cox's Orange Pippin, Wolf River (a bit too tart for my taste,
but good flavor) and Prairie Spy.  I will include Esopus Spitzenberg (my
absolute favorite), Hudson's Golden Gem and Pitsmaston Pineapple.  All three
are winners in my opinion.  Let's hear yours.
Doreen Howard
Zone 4-b--Wisconsin

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