[nafex] Dormant Grafting of Peaches

J. Rosano II GIANNI-2 at prodigy.net
Mon Sep 25 22:50:39 EDT 2000

Hi Ed, Thanks for the reply.

So realizing mid/late summer is the best time and the cutee didn't have
a mist house. Would it be reasonable to assume that any success could be
achieved by not only relying on the peaches own built it hormone but 
hedging your bet by using powdered, liquid and also willow naturally
occurring along with trying to create a mist environment with a medium
bed that would stay covered throughout the winter duration and holding
moisture. Would this environ benefit by the use of heat cables?
I had some peach cuttings from season before last, taken in fall and
merely buried in a deep bed that had a window over it throw some roots.
But when I transplanted them into pots they succumbed.
The moisture box would have been the place to put them?

Also... what's the best way to get peach pits/seeds to germinate?

Thanks a million, Ed.

Ed & Pat Fackler wrote:
> Greetings, John and NAFEX land:
> "J. Rosano II" wrote:
> >
> > Along the lines of peach...
> > When would possibly be the best time to take cuttings and attempt
> > rooting with medium and hormones.
> > Also if you do not have a greenhouse is there a successful method
> > or technique to promote the rooting process other than the conventional
> > greenhouse method any "off the cuff" theories?
>      My response----------
>      Most all decidious plants (those that loose their leaves each fall) can
> be rooted successfully if cuttings are taken at the "correct" time.
> Naturally occurring hormones (don't you just luv 'em!) translocate downward
> (from terminals) beginning in mid-late summer.
>      If one can take cuttings when a large portion of these hormones are
> around the base (limb collar) of the cutting, I'd suspect that they could be
> rooted without additional or outside IBA, etc.
>      The most common method of rooting peach and several other stone fruits
> is under mist in a greenhouse which is most effective during summer months.
>      Hope this helps.
> Ed, So. Indiana, Heaven, etc.

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