[nafex] Apple sauce production

Erdman, Jim erdmanj at uwstout.edu
Mon Sep 25 13:11:00 EDT 2000

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Betty wrote:

>The replies to this message have all had in common the idea that applesauce
>should be a puree (hence, the use of a blender, food mill, etc.).

>But the kind my mother taught me to make leaves the apples in segments.
>They are cooked briefly in a sugar syrup just long enough to begin to be
>transparent. Gravensteins are the best for this, as they keep their shape
>better after cooking whether in sauce or in pies. Early apple varieties
>often cook to a puree no matter how carefully they are handled.

I have to echo what Betty said about the texture of applesauce.  If we
wanted a smooth texture to our applesauce instead of chunks, we would buy it
instead of making it.  We use
a mixture of apple varieties so it turns out with soft chunks in a puree of
cooked down apples.
An old friend of ours, now deceased, used to cook them with stems, cores,
seeds, and all, and put them in the jars that way, so you sorted out the
cores etc when the sauce was in your bowl.

Jim Erdman

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