[nafex] off topic -- keeping cut apples and pears fresh

Bob Glanzman kiwibob at umailme.com
Mon Sep 25 12:39:13 EDT 2000

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About a half teaspoon of salt  dissolved in water in a large bowl, then
immerse slices, keeps apples from discoloring.  I don't know if it works on
pears.  There isn't enough salt residue to taste, but you can easily rinse
with fresh water before serving if concerned.

Alan Garrison wrote:

> I am planning a party and want to serve cut asian pears and apples
> fresh.
> I need to cut the fruit in the morning to serve in the afternoon.
> Say, cut around 10 serve from 3-7.  How best to keep the fruit fresh?
> I heard one country remedy which seems to work pretty well with
> apples, but not with pears:  to immerse in Sprite.
> I tried some citric acid in a water bath, both quick dip and soak.
> The quick dip seemed the better of the two.
> However, while this is off topic, I KNOW folks on the list will have
> some suggestions, and I would appreciate your thoughts.
> Thanks.

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