[nafex] Overwintering fig question

Doreen Howard doreenh at ticon.net
Sat Sep 23 19:30:03 EDT 2000

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Bert Dunn wrote:
>We are in zone 4b, have 13 varieties of figs- all in largest pots I can
>handle- right now we eat figs every day or two.
> In fall I leave pots  outside 'til all foliage drops- then into the back
>our barely heated/poor light garage- about 40/45'F
>Every two weeks give them a very small amount of  coldest water available.
>Try not to leave garage door open too long to avoid severe freezing
>About mid Feb/first of March, in spite of temp & lousy light,  new branches
>& green leaves start to appear, also a few brebas.
>Growth in garage  is rank & I pinch back frequently
>About first of April I move to a unheated glass porch , fertilizing
>lightly/increasing water supply.
>Wait for warm weather to put outside.
>Works from me in a cold area              Bert

This is very interesting, Bert.  Do you think the same procedure would work
for peach trees in pots?  How about citrus?  I have a 5-foot-tall dwarf
banana tree that will probably fruit early next summer.  I brought it
indoors this week and put it in my bedroom in front of west and north-facing
windows--very sunny spot.  I'm hoping it will do OK there for the winter.
It makes my bedroom look like a jungle, which isn't bad here in Wisconsin
where the winters are very long and snowy.
Doreen Howard

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