[nafex] Overwintering fig question

J. Rosano II GIANNI-2 at prodigy.net
Sat Sep 23 10:57:17 EDT 2000

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Has this person tried completely laying down the fig in fall and
then covering the fig with mulch-water then plastic, then mulch
over the plastic. The plastic holds the moisture which holds warmth.
I would also try a late spraying of Sea-Kelp/Seaweed as the days get 
shorter to help to rush to get the figs to ripen as the cytokinins
in Seaweed/Kelp builds tissue and helps to stop some freezing.

Happy harvest : )
edforest55 at hotmail.com wrote:
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> Can anyone help this person? (I would ask him to post it himself to
> Nafex but I don't know how to tell him to access our group) Thanks!
> I have a brown turkey fig tree which is 5 years old. I live in New
> Jersey which has a temperate climate. Every fall, I cover the tree
> with burlap and fill the interior with leaves. When I uncover the
> tree in late May, the branches are dead and new branches begin to
> grow from the bottom. These get to be 5 0r 6' in height and two of
> them (out of five or six) sprout about a dozen figs. These grow to a
> decent size and then stop and never ripen. Then the winter arrives
> and I start all over again. Am I doing something wrong? Help!

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