[nafex] Imus pear

Bell, Richard rbell at afrs.ars.usda.gov
Tue Sep 19 11:15:12 EDT 2000

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This message wa forwarded to me.  Neither Joseph Postman nor myself can find
any reference to this variety.  Has anyone in NAFEX  heard of it?  

> >I was wondering if you have ever heard of an "Imus" pear?  I
> >received a call from a woman in California tracing here geneology and
> >apparently a William Imus settled in Vermont in 1760 and was responsible
> >for developing a pear that bears his name.  She is trying to track it
> >Records indicate that  the orginal was still alive as of 1900 in
> >VT but I don't know the current status (alot can happen in 100 years!).
> >This pear was also supposely to have been widely distributed around New
> >England.  I was wondering if you.....know if there are
> >any still in existence?

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