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victoria l. caron vicaron at gis.net
Tue Sep 19 06:48:35 EDT 2000

Me again,

I forgot to mention that Richard Fahey in Oxford, NY (check most any
past Pomona for address) has looked into hawthorn a lot and may have
some answers for you..............vic

"victoria l. caron" wrote:

> Hello neighbors!
> I don't know if you ever met Henry Lang of Milan (NH), but I know that
> his dad and he grafted pear to hawthorn. This goes back many years as
> Henry was 93 when he passed away in June of '99. The pear, usually
> Flemish Beauty, overgrew the stock, but I don't remember any big
> problem with that. Hope this information is helpful................vic
> PS: I still have your book here at the store, would it be easier to
> drop it off to Nancy at school?
> Michael and Nancy Phillips wrote:
>> Hi all, Has anyone had experience grafting apple to hawthorn? This
>> part of my question has to do with noticing round-headed appletree
>> borer don't seem to attack hawthorn very readily. Of course if I put
>> apple on top that could well change.Secondly, has anyone grafted
>> hawthorn to apple? We'd like to grow more hawthorn for medicinal
>> purposes but I know apple rootstock is much more commonly available.
>> One book I have mentions 100 to 1000 species of hawthorn in North
>> America . . . might anyone out there know if any work has been done
>> to identify species that have greater medicinal potency?Thanks!
>> Michael Phillips
>> Heartsong Farm Healing Herbs
>> Lost Nation Orchard
>> RFD 1  Box 275
>> Groveton, NH 03582
>> (603) 636-2286
>> mphil at together.net
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