[nafex] Apple sauce production

Sam Franc franc at harborside.com
Mon Sep 18 22:57:25 EDT 2000

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Am I to understand you put 3 knives in the bottom of the pot, a plate on top of them
and then the apples?

jhecksel at voyager.net wrote:

> Greetings all:
> Please excuse the lateness of my posting to this thread.  I wanted to play around
> with making some applesauce and this weekend was the soonest I could get to it.
> Steaming the apples whole is what worked best for me.  I am sure there are gizmos
> one can buy for the purpose, but the last thing I need is one more thing to lose.
> Before I threw in the apples into my 19 qt canning kettle, I put in three stainless
> steel table knives and a heat resistant dinner plate on top of them.  I add about a
> quart and a half of liquid (water or cider depending on my mood).  I pick the
> apples and wash them.  Then I put them whole into the kettle.  Then I crank up the
> heat.
> |oooooooo|
> |oooooooo|
> | _______ |
> |   knives    |
> -----------
> Last year I was plagued with scorching apples.  We did 32 quarts this weekend and
> steaming them worked slick.  The only other thing I learned, again, is to add extra
> liquid when making sauce of less than fully ripe apples....either that or cook the
> devil out of them before canning.  The less ripe apples still have starch in them
> and they make a thick sauce that does not let the gasses escape.  The sauce tends
> to blow out beneath the lids.  Yuck!
> Best regards from Eaton Rapids, Michigan.  The town that takes Eat-on Rapid
> seriously!

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