[nafex] Grafting filberts/hazels

Sam Franc franc at harborside.com
Sun Sep 17 01:10:30 EDT 2000

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Thanks for the info.
One can not import hazels or filberts into Oregon.
The state is trying to be sure any disease will not be imported to harm the industry.

jhecksel at voyager.net wrote:

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> > I don't know why you want to graft filberts.
> > They seem to root very readily from cuttings here in Oregon.
> Sid propagates Cecil Ferris's hybrids.  Most of Cecil's hybrids have a goodly dose of
> Turkish Tree Hazel in them.  The Turkish Tree Hazel contributes bud mite resistance and a
> very clean kernel.  Likely, the TTH does not root particullarly well as it is a forest
> tree and there is no evolutionary advantage to having adventitious roots.
> The other reason Sid grafts is that he uses pure Turkish Tree Hazels as rootstock (or he
> did the last time we talked).  One of the cultural problems with hazel nuts is that they
> produce many suckers.  That results in a very dense crown and many nuts of small size.
> The market for filberts strongly favors large nut size.  Profuse suckers also makes it
> dicy to use herbicides like Round-up to keep the ground clean underneath the plants.  The
> nuts are harvested mechanically with a sweeper and bare ground is desirable. Turkish Tree
> Hazel does not throw suckers.
> Just for the record.  Sid's last name is Grinnell.  His phone number is 517-625-7176.
> His prices on grafted nut trees cannot be beat but the shipping charges are high.  He
> also happens to be an A, #1, good-guy in my book
> >
> > >From what I hear 95% of the filberts grown in the US are grown in Oregon.
> > I watched a large filbert orchard being started this year.
> > Several acres.
> > They just stuck cuttings in the ground where they want the trees.
> > It looks like they have at least 95% takes this fall.
> > When I want some new trees, I just stick some cuttings in the ground where I want
> > them to grow.
> > Makes it easy to get a filbert hedge.
> > The squirrils get most of my nuts.
> > Thet must bury them because I see little filbert seedlings coming up far away from my
> > trees.
> > Sam
> >

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