[nafex] Grafting filberts/hazels

Lucky Pittman Lucky.Pittman at murraystate.edu
Thu Sep 14 10:50:36 EDT 2000

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I've had NO experience working with Corylus.

There is a Cooperative Extension Service publication(Mchigan St. Univ.) - 
may be out of print, mine is a photcopy dated Oct 1986 "Growing Nuts", 
which, in addition to general descriptions of the various northern nut 
species and management/production recommendations, has a short section on 
grafting, including descriptions of the "Farris technique of greenwood 
budding for filberts", developed, I presume, by Cecil Farris.

Copies of this publication, if still available, can be obtained by writing: 
NCR Educational Materials Project, B-10 Curtiss Hall, Iowa St. Univ., Ames, 
IA 50011. (515)294-8802; or your local Cooperative Extension Service office 
may be able to get a copy for you.

I might be able to get someone in the front office to scan the filbert 
section in and convert it to an e-file, if there's enough interest.
Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY

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