[nafex] Re: Bud Grafting

Lucky Pittman Lucky.Pittman at murraystate.edu
Thu Sep 14 10:02:57 EDT 2000

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At 07:16 PM 09/13/2000 -0700, Derry wrote:
>What do you mean by a 'coin purse' bud for nuts?
"Coin purse" is just a type of shield budding, so named because, rather 
than a 'T' incision, you make a single vertical incision in the stock, lift 
the bark, bend the stock, and insert the shield of budwood.  The gaping 
edges of the vertical incision look somewhat like one of those little 
oblong, plastic coin purses folks used to carry - you'd flex 'em a bit to open.

This one's gotta be done while the bark is slipping - depending on 
rainfall, that can be anywhere from mid-June to mid-September, here.
Choose spot where you intend to place bud, bend stock in that 
vicinity(seems to help loosen the bark), make vertical incision, gently 
lift bark at the bottom of the incision.  Remove a good bud from your 
budwood stick, I usually leave the petiole attached, with 2 to 4 leaflets 
remaining - shield should be 2-3 inches long, somewhat oval, tapered at the 
ends.  Notch the base of the petiole so that the stock bark will lie flat 
once the bud is inserted.  Shave the edges of the bud shield so that 
cambium is exposed all along the edge.
Bend to stock to cause the incision to gap open, insert bud.  Wrap tightly 
with rubber budding strips.  Tape petiole to stock.  Loosely wrap plastic(I 
cut up the plastic grocery bags that I have so many of) around the budded 
portion to create a mini-greenhouse/humidity chamber.  Secure plastic at 
the top with a budding strip, close at the bottom with tape.  I don't open 
for 3-4 weeks(or longer).

>When do you have the most success with nut grafting?
Truthfully, I NEVER have much success.  I've almost given up trying to 
graft dormant scions - I've tried hundreds, using numerous different 
procedures, and have had almost no luck whatsoever.  My few successful 
attempts have been 4-flap grafts, but I did have one 'take' of "Neel No.1" 
black walnut this spring, using a chip bud procedure.
Success with the coinpurse buds this summer has been much better than I've 
experienced in the past, but still well below 50%.
I had one take of 'J.Yoder#1" shagbark, a 4-flap, done in mid July, using a 
piece of two-year-old wood, the basal piece of a stick of budwood I'd cut 
at the KNGA budding workshop - my own Yoder had 'given up the ghost' 
following last year's drought, and I hated to waste that one stick I had 
access to.

Gordon Nofs has extensive experience grafting & budding nut trees, maybe 
he'll weigh in with his recommendations.

Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY

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