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This information about the composition of Parafilm is from the web site of a
supply company that sells Parafilm. 


Parafilm M ® Laboratory Sealing

Physical properties 

Parafilm M ® is a semi-transparent, flexible thermoplastic, and in its final
form is a highly water proof and water resistant sheet material. It is
practically colorless, odorless, tasteless and approximately 0.005" (e.g. 5
mils/ 127 µm) in thickness. The density of the film is reported to
be 0.767 gms/cc.

The unique properties of Parafilm M.® make it ideal and adaptable for many
important laboratory uses and techniques. It molds and seals itself tightly
around test tubes, flasks, and various instruments and objects with
irregular surfaces. The actual composition of Parafilm M is not actually
released by the manufacturer, however it is described as being a "blend of
olefin-type materials". From our own experience using the product quite
extensively in our own laboratory environment, we have generally perceived
it to be close in description to that of a very low molecular weight
polyethyelene with perhaps some additional wax like materials.  That is our
own interpretion of its composition and not that of the manufacturer. In any
case, the maximum use temperature seems to be on the order of 54° C/130° F
which happens to be very
consistent with with a material described both by the manufactuer and also
our own additional perception of its composition.

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<< Does anyone know what Parafilm is actually made of?

John Bunker >>

Good question, John!  It was developed as a wound covering for medical 
situations, so one would HOPE that it is benign, but....


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