[nafex] Re: Bud Grafting

dwalsh/wchase wchase at interchange.ubc.ca
Wed Sep 13 22:10:34 EDT 2000

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Make sure your budwood is fresh.  I bud the same day I cut the budwood.

For stone fruits, budding is more likely to be successful because, I think, stone
fruits need warmer temps to callus that pome fruits.    I sometimes have success
with whip and tongue of stone fruits, but my success rate is much lower than when
I bud in August/Sept.

Many people fail because their rootstock is not growing actively and/or they don't
take off the plastic wrap after about 5 weeks and their buds rot.

Chip budding is very simple.  Make sure rootstock is growing actively.
Try to make the chip the same size as the piece you took off the rootstock.  If it
isn't the same size (ie if new bud is smaller), match up cambiums on one side
only.  Wrap tightly covering whole bud.

Personally I don't think the Parafilm is necessary i.e. to put a second layer of
parafilm on top of the rubber tie. Parafilm is used in place of the rubber tie and
I think it would be better than rubber ties because it would more than likely be
airtight.  I used clear plastic 1/2" wide ties.  The stuff comes precut (a bit
expensive for a hobbyist) or in rolls for $2 a roll.  If you are just doing half a
dozen grafts/buds, take one of those supermarket clear plastic vegetable bags ...
the ones that are such a nuisance to open, and cut it in 1/2" strips.   This is a
nice stretchy, clear plastic, and costs nothing.   Rubber ties can be a problem if
you let go of the strip and it unwraps.  The plastic is stretchy and sort of
sticky and if you let go, it really doesn't unwrap.


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: :
: Personally, I've never yet had success w/ chip or t-budding (hoping
: for my first success this fall), but I went to a BackYard Fruit
: Grower's meeting couple of weekend's ago where they gave a demo of
: chip and t-budding.  For the t-bud's they just used grafting rubbers,
: but for the chip buds after wrapping it w/ the rubber, they
: completely covered the graft w/ parafilm, said it was necessary for
: chip buds.
: Chris Mauchline
: SE PA, zone 6

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