[nafex] Re: Bud Grafting

Ed Mashburn ribes60 at currants.com
Wed Sep 13 16:23:18 EDT 2000

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>Parafilm is an excellent material that does not have the potential to
>start fires and cause either human or plant tissue to be damaged by high
>wax temperatures.
>The problem seems to be the difficulty in obtaining small quantities of
>parafilm cut into 1/2 inch strips. The parafilm obtained from medical
>supply outlets is 4 inches wide and the cost is prohibitive unless
>people pool their money to purchase a roll and somehow divide it.
>A local firm in Fallbrook, CA had the 4 inch rolls cut into 1/2 rolls as
>a customer service for local avocado growers top working their trees in
>the orchard.
>I have not seen any horticultural supply mail order sources listing
>parafilm. It really works and makes the entire process much more
>Where tension is required to apply pressure to keep the plant tissue
>together, I use budding rubber strips or green plastic tie tape over the
>parafilm as parafilm is very elastic.
>Claude Sweet
>San Diego, CA

I think that parafilm is the best product to use, I use a rubber to provide
the tension and cover the whole cut area with the parafilm strips, works
for me.

Anytime I have not used the parafilm to waterproof and airproof, I have had
I have grafted a lot of gooseberries and in early sprim, if there is a good
match of rootstock and scion, I do not use a rubber band, just the parafilm.

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