[nafex] Re: Bud Grafting

Christopher Mauchline mauch1 at aol.com
Wed Sep 13 11:20:22 EDT 2000

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Personally, I've never yet had success w/ chip or t-budding (hoping 
for my first success this fall), but I went to a BackYard Fruit 
Grower's meeting couple of weekend's ago where they gave a demo of 
chip and t-budding.  For the t-bud's they just used grafting rubbers, 
but for the chip buds after wrapping it w/ the rubber, they 
completely covered the graft w/ parafilm, said it was necessary for 
chip buds.

The experienced grafters all seemed to feel that t-budding didn't 
work well for cherries and they used chip budding for them (or I've 
used dormant whip&tongue).

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

--- In nafex at egroups.com, "Jack Wigal" <kr8z at c...> wrote:
> Fellow Nafexers,
>     A few weeks ago I made my first attempt at bud grafting( tee 
grafts). I
> grafted about half a dozen peaches and the same amount of cherries. 
I used
> clear budding tape on most grafts and rubbers on some.In just a few 
days the
> bark curled back on the grafts with the budding tape and split the 
> which exposed the grafts to the air. Some of them appear to have 
healed but
> most dried out and died.  Can someone tell what I did wrong???
> Jack Wigal
> Washington, WV
> Zone 6

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