[nafex] Apple sauce production

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Tue Sep 12 21:21:15 EDT 2000

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Lon J Rombough wrote:
> For a FAST way, get yourself a good blender - I highly recommend a VITA-MIX.
>  Core, but
> don't peel (the blender will grind the peel completely) the apples.  Puree
> them in the blender and add whatever
> sweetening and spices you like.  Cold pack the jars and can them - boil at
> least an hour or more.  This will also preserve more of the fresh apple
> flavor.
> I would also strongly suggest you get stainless steel pans and toss the
> aluminum
> ones - the acids in fruit will dissolve aluminum and you'll get it in the
> food.  Aluminum accumulates in the body and has been implicated in
> connection with Alzheimer's.
> -Lon Rombough
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> >Subject: [nafex] Apple sauce production
> >Date: Tue, Sep 12, 2000, 8:50 AM
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> >After spending a full weekend making and canning applesauce in (10? qt.
> >pots), one small batch at a time, my wife has asked me to ask if there are
> >recipies available for bigger batches?  She cores and peels the apples, puts
> >a little water in the bottom of a pot, and slowly cooks the apples down.  She
> >adds sugar to taste when the apple have almost completely turned to asuce.
> >Two complaints are the tendency of the applesauce to burn if not constantly
> >stirred (we use aluminum pots for cooking, although we ended up  also using
> >crock pots and although small, they seemed to work fine), and the tendency
> >for the sauce to separate after it has been sealed.  Does anyone have any
> >suggestions, leads on equipment for making larger batches than 10 qt pots,
> >and tips on keeping the sauce from separating after it has been canned?
> >Maybe it would be a good thing to make an article for Pomona.  Thanks for
> >your replies in advance.  Chris Patterson
> >
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> >
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I've tried the apple sauce by Lon's suggestion. I don't mind it, but I'm
sure some purists might find the pectin in the peel objectional. It give
s a kind of ropey feel to the sauce. If you like Washington State White
House beautiful greenish-white sauce in the pretty can, you probably
won't like it. I honestly believe Lon's way gives you more nutrition
'tho. Doc Lisenby

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