[nafex] Figs: Brown Turkey vs Celeste

Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Tue Sep 12 11:48:36 EDT 2000

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Have you read Ray's Fig Page?  That will help a lot. See the link on the
NAFEX web site.
-Lon Rombough
Grapes, unusual fruits, writing, more, at http://www.hevanet.com/lonrom

>From: vbgarden at aol.com
>To: nafex at egroups.com
>Subject: [nafex] Figs: Brown Turkey vs  Celeste
>Date: Tue, Sep 12, 2000, 6:15 AM

>Hi, NAFEXers!
>I'm looking for opinions on identifying characteristics of Brown 
>Turkey and Celeste fig trees.  We've received stock at the nursery 
>that we are convinced has been mislabelled.  
>I've got the info from AJB's talk at the Charlottesville conference, 
>but am looking for additional ID suggestions from anyone who is 
>growing both varieties.  
>Depending on the location of the original wholesale nursery, we've 
>got stock that came in (unexpectedly) labeled as Eastern Brown 
>Turkey, Texas Brown Turkey, Vern's Brown Turkey, Celeste, Blue 
>Celeste, Hardy Celeste.... you know the drill.  Obviously we expect 
>that all of the BT are just that, and all of the CEL are just that -- 
>we're not too breaking out special divisions at this point {although 
>I am very interested in folks' opinions on these regionalized sub-
>varieties or cultivars).  
>My problem is that I'm convinced, looking at fruit and 
>characteristics (this is a huge quantity of very young stock), that 
>we've been sent Celeste as Brown Turkey and vice-versa.  I don't want 
>to use any of this for propagation or sales until I've got them 
>straightened out...that is how these mistakes get continued in the 
>I'm up for any determinations, insights, intuitions you've got.  Any 
>ideas will be MUCH appreciated!
>Sybil Mays
>Paradise Nursery, Virginia Beach VA
>VBGarden at aol.com

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