[nafex] Peaches

DocKW at aol.com DocKW at aol.com
Mon Sep 11 18:37:03 EDT 2000

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If you are gonna have only two peaches , then , in my opinion, call a good 
nursery and buy a Belle of Georgia and a Red Haven and have some great 
peaches in a year or two...why graft rootstock that is so old and will be 
Stark had a variety no longer offered that I have never had the likes of 
ever...Halberta Giant.. A huge yellow flesh peach which was a freestone and 
as meaty and any canned peach.  And flavor that can't be beat.  Your white 
peaches have more aroma, but that doesn't process well.  I lost my only copy 
of the Halberta this spring to borers....
Best of luck,
Karl Olson, Zone 5   CT

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