[nafex] Peaches

Christopher Mauchline mauch1 at aol.com
Mon Sep 11 12:11:28 EDT 2000

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3 years ago I put in my "nursery" bed two Siberian C peach 
rootstocks.  (I have since learned that Lovell as a rootstock is 
probably superior, but at the time I was interested anything that was 
even slightly dwarfing).  

That fall I didn't get budding done (don't remember the reason)

The next fall I didn't get budding done due to the birth of my twin 

This fall doesn't look likely either, plus I'm worried about possible 
(though unlikely) Plum Pox from local sources.  I know of one source 
that ships budwood, but I'm concerned about the shipping distance and 
viability.  I now have 7 - 8' tall trees.


Question 1:  Although budding is considered better for peaches, Can 
they be dormant (i.e. whip & tongue) grafted?  Are there any special 
techniques to use if it can be done?

Question 2: Since the "rootstocks" are now so large, would it be 
better to move them to their permanent locations in fall? In spring? 
or after I've grafted the following fall?

Question 3: Varieties. I was leaning toward two varieties, One white 
(for fresh eating [I know the white's are generally more vunerable, 
but I think they taste the best]), one yellow (for possible canning & 
fresh eating).  I generally like freestone, particularly for the 
possible canning one.  (I could also be convinced to graft two 
varieties on each tree - one possibly a nectarine as my wife hates 
peach fuzz).  And it would be nice if the trees had attractive bloom 
(which many peaches do not) as they will be visible from the house.  

Varieties I've thought about:
   Rariton Rose: Freestone, winter hardy
   Belle of Georgia
   White Hale

   Reliance: hardy, showy blossoms, stringy? :-(


Any recommendations you would have would be welcome.  If you have 
budwood from healthy trees (and are not from South Central PA or 
North Central Maryland) I would be glad to pay $1-2 per bud stick.


Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

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