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This piece from the cranberry growers newsletter, from Wisconsin, just makes
me sick - the USDA is deliberately destroying fruit and growers are not even
allowed to compost it.

From: Teryl Roper <trroper at facstaff.wisc.edu>
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Subject: September 5 newsletter
Date: Wed, Sep 6, 2000, 7:26 AM


With the USDA imposed grower hold back, Wisconsin cranberry growers will be
required to dispose of about 400,000 barrels of cranberries for the 2000
harvest.   Representatives from the WSCGA, University of
Wisconsin-Extension, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Northland
Cranberries, Inc., Cliffstar Corporation, Clement Pappas Company and Ocean
Spray Cranberries have worked together to create these fruit disposal
guidelines. These guidelines are meant to assist Wisconsin cranberry growers
to find acceptable and economical means to dispose of the unmarketable
fruit.  Through land spreading, cranberries would be considered an organic
soil conditioner, containing essential plant nutrients and organic matter
that would improve soil tilth and increase organic matter content of soil
over time.  The residual product would also contain vines and leaves
remaining from harvesting.  It is estimated that less than 450 acres or
about 2 acres per grower will be needed to comply with the USDA volume
regulation and comply with environmental standards.


Composting of Fruit
This is not a permitted or viable practice.

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