[nafex] Pacific Rose apple?

Claude Sweet sweetent at home.com
Wed Sep 6 11:54:22 EDT 2000

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"victoria l. caron" wrote:

> This is just a conclusion drawn from personal observation. Concerning
> the declining quality and flavor of Braeburn; when it was first available
> in the market here, all the fruit had little New Zealand stickers on them. I
> was impressed, it was just ripening down under and we were getting
> seasonal not stored fruit. No offense to anyone, but it seems the flavor has been
> inferior or lacking in recent years when the fruit is stickered from
> Washington.State?!?!?!

Unless there are mandated minimum maturity standards that insure
consumer get a quality product, growers will harvest as early as
possible to obtain high prices.

Consumers purchase a poor product and get turned off and may not
purchase any additional fruit that season. They certainty don't purchase
more of the variety for weeks. Some fruits, for example oriental
persimmons, consumers can easily become confused between nonastringent
and astringent varieties, causing consumer dissatisfaction because of
improper labeling in the produce department.

Growers who choose to take short term profits will eventually kill the
market potential for long term profits when poor fruit quality produces
consumer dissatisfaction.

The example of the tire recall and negative reaction of the consumer is
an example of greed spawned by unethical people in responsible

Passing new regulations and laws is a response to unethical business
practices and creates a level playing field that actually protects
honest growers from those who should be run out of town on a rail after
being tarred and feathered. Efforts to down size government and claims
about government intervention should be examined to see the abuses of
corrupt business leaders in search of obscene profits that caused the
regulations and laws to become enacted.

Claude Sweet
San Diego, CA

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