[nafex] Pacific Rose apple?

victoria l. caron vicaron at gis.net
Wed Sep 6 06:31:54 EDT 2000

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This is just a conclusion drawn from personal observation. Concerning the
declining quality and flavor of Braeburn; when it was first available in the
market here, all the fruit had little New Zealand stickers on them. I was
impressed, it was just ripening down under and we were getting seasonal not
stored fruit. No offense to anyone, but it seems the flavor has been inferior
or lacking in recent years when the fruit is stickered from

Gene Spears wrote:

>         A recent & tasty addition to the local supermarkets is the "Pacific
> Rose" apple.  Anyone have any culture info on this variety?  It must be
> fairly new - not in the old "Fruit....Inventory".
>         On a related matter, I've noticed something about apple varieites
> that make it big time & show up in the supermarket chains.  When they first
> came out, I couldn't find a mediocre Fuji or Braeburn apple - all tasted
> great.  But after a couple of years, most of the ones I now buy from the
> market are mealy & bland.  Maybe there's a law, the "Law of Diminishing
> Quality", that states that as an apple becomes more widely cultivated (and
> stored) its average (consumer) quality invariably drops.  Oh, well, I guess
> that's why we grow them......
> gene
> spears at lmc.edu

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