[nafex] NY Fruit Testing introductions

jakuehn at yourinter.net jakuehn at yourinter.net
Tue Sep 5 17:04:07 EDT 2000

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I got the following letter, and would appreciate any help you can give me and/or
send (by snail mail, I guess) to Donna Miller, 1711 Wildwood Rd., Ukiah, CA

"I would like to find out if any one has 'Rossana' a raspberry developed by the NY
Fruit testing station just before they closed.  I would also like to know if
anyone knows what became of the majority of other fruits such as apples and
pears--whoever rescued them, could perhaps send a note to Pomona and let the rest
of us know how we might get scionwood, etc.

Thank you.

Donna Miller"

Anyone know?

Thanks so much.

Jackie Kuehn

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