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This might be of interest to you.  There is a Cider Digest you can subscribe
to that contains loads of information for new and experiences cider makers.
There is lots of exchange of information that comes out in a digest format
every two weeks or so.

Use cider-request at talisman.com for subscribe/unsubscribe/admin requests.
    When subscribing, please include your name and a good address in the
    message body unless you're sure your mailer generates them.
Archives of the Digest are available at www.talisman.com/cider

Hope this helps,

Brian Raby
Sheridan, IN

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Does anyone know of a short course,either here in the US or the UK,
on how to make hard cider?  I've made my own for several years, 
read the cider page and have read several new and old books on the 
subject but still would like to take a course in the subject.
Mike Tomlinson

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