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Ed Mashburn ribes60 at currants.com
Tue Sep 5 01:28:22 EDT 2000

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At 08:58 PM 9/4/00 -0700, you wrote:
>               My Groups | nafex Main Page | Start a new group!    
>       Read it carefully - there are changes in existing e-mail addresses,
>and even some different area codes for phone numbers.
>        Since some of the chairmen don't list phones or e-mail, it will
>take a while longer to get them updated.
>    And if you are interested in working with a group that has no chairman,
>or you think a new group is needed, let me know.
>    Incidently, David Kuchta (Bees for Pollination) has been battling
>cancer and it would be good if we could send a note or two to let him know
>we care.
> -Lon Rombough
> <>
> CO-CHAIRS--Ed Mashburn, 707 Front St.,
>   <>
Please note corrections:

Ed Mashburn, 707 Front Street, Northumberland, PA 17857
            Phone:  (570)473-9910
            Email:  Ed at currants.com
            Web:    www.currants.com

Northumberland BerryWorks
707 Front Street
Northumberland, PA  17857
Phone:  (570) 473-9910
Ed at currants.com

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