[nafex] Pacific Rose apple?

Ed & Pat Fackler rocmdw at aye.net
Mon Sep 4 09:20:07 EDT 2000

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Gene Spears wrote:

>         A recent & tasty addition to the local supermarkets is the "Pacific
> Rose" apple.  Anyone have any culture info on this variety?  It must be
> fairly new - not in the old "Fruit....Inventory".

     My response------------

     Pacific Rose is a new one from NZ, a Splendour x Gala cross.  Like the
other recent new one, Southern Snap, it is being marketed in a tightly
controlled manor.  Or, unless one possesses a license to GROW it, one simply
can't grow it legally, nor market it.
     I understand that there are a few (very few) large growers in the Pacific
NW who are allowed to grow and market them.
     Likewise, nurseries can't access these varieties either.


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