[nafex] Pacific Rose apple?

Gene Spears Spears at LMC.edu
Mon Sep 4 09:12:12 EDT 2000

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	A recent & tasty addition to the local supermarkets is the "Pacific
Rose" apple.  Anyone have any culture info on this variety?  It must be
fairly new - not in the old "Fruit....Inventory".

	On a related matter, I've noticed something about apple varieites
that make it big time & show up in the supermarket chains.  When they first
came out, I couldn't find a mediocre Fuji or Braeburn apple - all tasted
great.  But after a couple of years, most of the ones I now buy from the
market are mealy & bland.  Maybe there's a law, the "Law of Diminishing
Quality", that states that as an apple becomes more widely cultivated (and
stored) its average (consumer) quality invariably drops.  Oh, well, I guess
that's why we grow them......

spears at lmc.edu

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