[Fwd: [nafex] Apple Trees and Drought]

Sam Franc franc at harborside.com
Sat Sep 2 00:56:51 EDT 2000

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I find that apples on M 111 do much better than the true dwarfs in drought
Seedling apples do well too.
Chester blackberries do better than other types after they are established.
Sam on the Oregon coast.

Doreen Howard wrote:

> Joe & Ed,
> Thanks so much for both of your comments.  Makes me think that what seemed
> simple  "Apple trees are the most drought tolerant," is much more complex.
> But, then the good stuff is never easy.  I've deduced from both of you that
> an apple tree can go without water in summer (after the first six weeks of
> growth) and still produce a good tasting fruit.  But, the next season's crop
> may be sacrificed.  Would you agree with my simplistic condensation?  I have
> to get simple, because I not writing for a NAFEX type audience.
> Thanks again,
> Doreen Howard
> --

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