[nafex] Budding

Jack Wigal kr8z at citynet.net
Fri Sep 1 21:43:52 EDT 2000

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Fellow Nafexers,
    I recently budded about a half dozen cherry trees and the same amount of
peaches. The bark pulled back on all the grafts I wrapped with budding tape
and split the tape. Looks like most of the buds are still alive as new bark
appears to be growing under the old.  The ones I wrapped with grafting
rubbers stayed flat and look healthy. This evening I removed all the tape
and rubbers and painted over the grafts with Doc's grafting seal so I will
know which bud is the grafted one next spring when (and if) they start
growing. I know it's kinda dumb to ask this question after the fact, but
should I have put on the paint?

Jack Wigal      Zone 6

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