[nafex] Re: FW: Cherries & Mulberries

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Fri Sep 1 18:16:12 EDT 2000

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I have Yellow Glass in two locations, in one location there were two 
other sweet cherries that bloomed this year that I assume pollinated 
the Yellow Glass- Lapins and Kristen. In the other location the only 
other pollinizer for miles was Kristen. The New York Fruit testing 
station put out a catalog which listed different incompatability 
groups and I had extrapolated from that chart the information I 
needed for the pollination requirements for Yellow Glass even though 
it wasn't on the chart. So although this information doesn't seem to 
be of much help directly, perhaps you could use this to do your own 
extrapolating if you can get ahold of a chart somewhere. New York 
Fruit Testing station had the best one that I've been able to find 
but I can't seem to find it right now.
Good luck

By the way, the Yellow Glass was eaten about two weeks later than the 
red Kirsten, the birds definately do eat the reds first.

Can you help? After reading an article in an old 'Pomona' concerning 
> cherries being relatively unattractive to birds, I got a couple of 
> fruited cultivars and a dwarf variety from the IR2 virus free 
programme in
> Washington State. However, due to all three cultivars being new to 
the UK (I
> think) there's no information here as to their pollination 
requirements. I
> e-mailed the station but they don't seem too sure either. Do you, 
or any of
> your contacts, know much about the pollination needs of' 'Yellow 
Glass' and
> 'Saylor' .... cherries? I also got 'Compact Stella' to act as a 
> pollinator but a friend is of the opinion that it may flower too 
early to do
> the job properly.
> The other items I'm still looking for are a good fruiting cultivar 
of Morus
> rubra, the American mulberry, and a plum called 'All Red'. Any 
> Clive.

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