[nafex] Soil Nematodes and White Mustard

J. Rosano II GIANNI-2 at prodigy.net
Fri Sep 1 09:58:30 EDT 2000

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Happened to see this in another list, found it intriguing.
Can anyone offer some advice on this method?
Pleasant picking!
With the loss of methyl bromide other means of soil prep related to soil
nematodes needs to be found.

Does anyone have experience with the use of white mustard as a soil
nematode coltrol?  Apparently something about the chemistry of the plant
is quite effective in a seed bed or field preparation in reducing soil
nematode populations.  The crop is turned in to decompose - contribute
its natural nematicide.  I am also curious to know if the white mustard
can be used as a forage crop, or a seed crop prior to being turned unde?

And can any of you direct me to sources of the seed?

D. DelBoca
(preparing a field for blueberry production)
archfarm at nas.com wrote:
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