[nafex] Re: Fall Transplanting/ Spring Transplanting

Ginda Fisher ginda at concentric.net
Mon Nov 27 20:27:52 EST 2000

I am in zone 6.  I have transplanted both blueberries and currants in
spring and fall.  I agree with Ed, and would strongly recommend fall
planting for currants.  (I did let St. Lawrence Nurseries talk me into a
spring shipment, but it may well cost me a year of growth.)  They sprout
very early, and seem to de better if they've had the winter to settle. 
20% more growth may be an understatement.  Also, my currants seem to be
"done" for the year fairly early.  I have transplanted late summer with
good results.  I cut off all of the leaves and some of the twigs when I
did this.

The blueberries seem to do about the same either way.  I didn't get a
lot of growth from any of my blueberries the first year, spring or fall
planted.  I got much more growth the second year.  I didn't have any
winter mortality from the fall planted ones, either.  Mine are in a
location that doesn't get much sun in the winter, so heaving isn't a big


Ed Mashburn wrote:
> At 04:48 AM 11/27/00 -0000, you wrote:
> >Hartman's Plantation claims that you will get 20% more growth from
> >fall transplanted blueberries. They say that is for zones 5 or warmer.
> >I've kept my eyes peeled for info on this subject for some time as I
> >would like to know the reasons that plants prefer to be planted at
> >one time over another.
> I am not sure of the above, but I really think that gooseberries and
> currants should be planted in the fall, as long as you can get them in
> before the ground freezes. They break bud very early in spring and here in
> PA it is often wet in late Feb and early March. I have planted both spring
> and fall, and sometimes the rain makes spring planting almost out of the
> question.
> I am borderline zone 5/6 and they break bud about mid march here and bloom
> in early April.
> I feel that fall is best for other fruit also but have had much less
> experience with that.
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