[nafex] Pyrodwarf Rootstock

Ed & Pat Fackler rocmdw at aye.net
Tue Nov 14 16:16:07 EST 2000

jhecksel at voyager.net wrote:

> Hello Jim:
> Do you happen to know if anybody has ever played around with mounding
> pea-gravel around the portion of rootstock that sticks out of the
> ground?  Or, to get more benefit from any snow, planted the union
> below the original surface and poured a 2" to 4" (50mm-to-100mm) deep
> collar of pea-gravel around the stem?

     My response------

     Yes, pea gravel will aid in several ways, but here it basically
eliminates vole damage, serves a mulch, etc.

     Re: the use of Quince as a pear rootstocks.  I've trees which have
experienced -30 below (1994) and are still producing.  The secret I think is
not to have over 1" of the Quince above the soil line.

Ed, So. Indiana, Heaven, etc.

> <Jim wrote>
> > Here's a wet blanket on quince as pear rootstocks:  I've tested a
> good many quince clones, and every one, including EM Quince C, has
> proved quite susceptible to fire blight.  Of course, not all quince
> produce suckers
> >  A second blanket, not even a damp one for zone 9, is that quinces
> are quite winter-tender.

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