Meyers Lemon

Kieran or Donna redherring at
Thu Nov 2 07:23:34 EST 2000

Ginda, a little borax in the pot will make it less susceptible to moiature
changes and fruit drop.  I put my lemons out every spring, then unpot it and
plant it in the ground for the summer, and none of that makes it drop
leaves, never has.  The only time (as a rule) they drop leaves is  if kept
in a house in the dry heat.  Then they drop them slowly over the course of
the winter.  However, I must qualify that.  I have only one lemon left now
(the others went elsewhere) and a kumquat, and the two stood side by side in
the garden this summer, the kumquat did very well and the lemon went nearly
bare.  I think it was sumacs sending roots under it.   I don't expect
anything out of my potted citrus anymore, I can hear them longing for
Florida and constant heat and humidity.  I just keep them alive.  If I had
more time to fuss over them they might crop some.  Donna TN z6

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