[nafex] Re: grafting trials

Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Mon May 29 08:17:42 EDT 2000


Quick question...  Do you grow your rootstock from seed?  If so, does
anyone sell prepared apple seed, ready for planting in Canada?

Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a

On Sun, 28 May 2000, Dan & Marilyn Mason wrote:

> I could never get consistent results from bench grafting my own
> seedling rootstocks, but noticed that almost every one of my
> grafts to established, undisturbed, trees would take. Now, I just
> graft my seedling rootstocks where they were grown in the garden.

Failed tests, classes skipped, forgotten locker combinations. 
Remember the good 'ol days

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