[nafex] Deer Damage

Bill Russell shaman at penn.com
Fri Jun 2 14:22:51 EDT 2000

I've had  good results by spraying my grapevines with one raw egg blended in
a quart of water and strained through a paint funnel. Maybe the deer don't
like the non-vegetarian odor. Has anyone tried spraying with fish emulsion?


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> I had this published in one of the recent issues of Nafex, Just look thru
> your capies. and of real experiences. Dr. Meader used fine sewing thread I
> have since heard.
>      Gordon C. Nofs
> *****I have had luck lately though in protecting plantings within smaller
> areas,
> new apple trees and garden plots, for example, by surrounding them with
> monofilament fishing line, two or three strands, strung tautly between
> four-foot posts. They apparently do not like the feeling of something
> substantive touching them but that they cannot see.
> After so many failed attempts at discouraging them, I'm way past expecting
> long-term victory with this method but in almost twelve months now I've
> had two intrusions. I lost a young apple tree when one apparently stuck
> head through a three foot space between strands. And one got into the
> one night apparently through a narrow opening I had left in the fish line
> for
> my ease of entry. Ate all the new growth off twenty-some roses. Times that
> try men's souls.
> Jack
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