[nafex] During an innocent walk...

Kieran or Donna redherring at tnaccess.com
Wed Jun 21 15:35:50 EDT 2000

I had a class in Nashville last weekend, and luckily was invited to stay
overnight in a lovely residental section in town, houses about WWII era.  I
went for a long walk to admire the houses and yards.  I approached a
smallish tree with very unusual blossoms.  They were pink, with little
rubbery things all over them like some doggie squeaky toys I have seen, and
just as limber.  The pink pollen drifted away and got on my hands as I
picked a cluster, leaving the anthers whitish.  Suddenly, as I examined the
"flowers" I discovered that I was looking at fruit, haws 1/2" in diameter,
hawthorn leaves, and a case of rust on fruit that made my Juneberry "crop"
look positively edible by comparison.  My husband complained this morning
that these weird things I'd left in his backpack had left orange powder all
over inside it.  I hastily buried the things, and took the backpack to town
where I suppose the spores will waft away on the breeze each time he rides
his bike, and infect all of downtown Cookeville's hawthorns.  I didn't MEAN
to be a typhoid Mary...   Is this CAR, or a special hawthorn rust?   Donna

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