[nafex] FULL size fruit tree stock???

victoria l. caron vicaron at gis.net
Wed Jun 14 17:26:26 EDT 2000

Standard rootstocks are available from several nurseries and members of this
egroup. If you decide to go with apple seedlings as standard rootstock you
should know that seedlings can be variable even within a variety. These
variations will influence many things, some of which are differing degrees of
hardiness, bearing quality and quantity, possible disease resistance, growth
habit and how soon you can expect fruit. Some of the old varieties used for
standard seedling stock are Red Delicious, Ben Davis and Antonovka. I am sure
there are others of which I have not had the opportunity to learn. (I have
started to grow Macoun seed for standard stock since some resistant varieties
have Macoun in the parentage.) Of the three above named, all were considered
cold hardy (Apples of Maine and other sources) and have been widely used.
Good luck and I hope this is of some help.
Victoria Caron

"Gordon C. Nofs" wrote:

> Hi
>   My daughter's friend want's apples, pear, peaches, etc on full size stock.
> Is there any full size stock to be gotten? I know if there is that there are
> not all the varieties she is looking for. So I would like to get full size
> or near full size to graft the varities she wants.
>   I did recommend that if she could find what she wants on any stock to buy
> it and then maybe score and put on some rooting hormone and plant the union
> enough below ground level.
>    Comments
>        Gordon C. Nofs    Flint, MI.
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