[nafex] Dwarfing Trees

Ed & Pat Fackler rocmdw at aye.net
Sat Jun 10 04:27:38 EDT 2000

Thomas Olenio wrote:

> I have read that trees can be dwarfed by techniques of manipulating the
> tree.
> My question is whether or not a tree will overcome the dwarfing and return
> to normal growth if the techniques are stopped.

     My response------

     Yes, trees can be manipulated to some extent to decrease size.  These
techniques include limb bending, scoring and root pruning (bonsai).
     However, if not done on an annual basis in some fashion, especially
during the so-called juvenile years (2-7), the tree will revert to near its
so-called "standard" genetic size.

     Hope this helps.

Ed, So. Indiana

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