[nafex] Raspberry Virus?

john van hazinga vanhaz at gsinet.net
Sat Jul 15 14:37:55 EDT 2000

My 4 year old Latham patch is sickly (yellowing leaves and the few berries
there are  crumbling before ripening)  Is this virus and should I dig up
what I can  and mow down the new shoots?  The present years shoots are
vigorous and healty.  My other patches  Fall Gold, Boyne, Royalty , Bristol,
and Autum Bliss are healthy.  I spoke to a woman at the local coffee shop
who usually has a bountiful crop and sells her surplus and she said some
"blight" wiped her out for the first time in many years. In general I have
not been impressed with Latham, I put in a big patch in Vermont and it did
not produce much for the care given.  vann zone 4 southern NH

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