[nafex] Cure for gumosis?

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edforest55 at hotmail.com wrote:
> Would someone be able to help this women and her husband? Have you
> heard of a remedy for gumosis such as the one offered below? I can
> forward your response to her.
> My husband has his whole 4800 trees dying from bacterial fungi. About
> 1/3 are already dead. It's a devestating sight. They have sudamonis
> (sp), and the bark is breaking and sap is running out. The leaves are
> dying first, and then the tree just withers up. The agriculture dept.
> here says it's from 2 years of frost in the winter. There are other
> growers in his area, but he's the only one with trees infected. Does
> anyone have any more information on this disease? Is it hopeless,
> will the whole orchard secumb, or will some survive to produce fruit?
> Any experience would be helpful. With thanks. Anne Mann
> Posted by: bob - 5 (here at yougo.net <mailto:here at yougo.net>) on Tue,
> Jul 11, 00 at 19:44
> This is a story I was told, by a local grower about another grower
> whose cherry trees were diying of bacterial gumosis. First he loaded
> up his sprayer with copper and white latex paint and using a hand gun
> he drenched his trees until they were white. The copper kills
> bacteria, and I believe he was able to use the paint because the
> trees were dormant. Otherwise you will need copper or some other
> bacticide.
>  RE: bacterial fungi in Lapin cherry trees
> Posted by: bob - 5 (here at yougo.net <mailto:here at yougo.net>) on Tue,
> Jul 11, 00 at 20:19
> Try these; www.msue.msu.edu/index.htm ( Michigan State)
> glang at tricity.wsu.edu - Dr. Lang's old email(might still work) or,
> http//fruit.prosser.wsu.edu/ (WSU IAREC
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As a stint in human patholgy taught me (and this may not apply)
Pseudomonas acts similar to "opportunistic fungi" ie. they are
superimposed on a primary infection or infestation and are rarely the
sole cause of a disease. I'm sure that they are resistant to sulfur,
penicillin and tetracycline to what degree I'm unsure. Now the types or
strains I'm referring to is the ones which are a problem in burn clinics
or other situations in which the skin is denuded. When ever it is
present, it smells like grape juice or does to me. It would probably
respond to colloidial mercury but I think the amount required would be
cost prohibitive and too dangerous in effective amounts to be safely
used. Copper is probably your best bet, but don't let it get in your
fishpond. If this is the human type or a relative it is omnipresent in
and on the body and is gram-negative. How about it Lucky? Diane? Any
plant pathologist? Doc Lisenby SC

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