[nafex] Jaffa Orange

Dr. Ethan Natelson natelson at pipeline.com
Thu Jul 6 19:55:29 EDT 2000

Dear Ward,

     There may be some disagreement about the quality and seediness of the
Jaffa Orange but it is certainly not a European variety.  James Saunt's
beautifully illustrated text "Citrus Varieties of the World" has it
originating as a bud mutation of a local Israeli common orange in 1844.  He
classifies it under the general heading of Shamouti oranges and indicates
there are several strains.  Larry Jackson's "Citrus Growing in Florida"
claims the Jaffa was introduced into Florida from Israel by a General
Sanford in 1883.  He points out that the orange has 6-10 seeds and has been
largely superceded in Florida by better varieties.  I have tasted the Jaffa
orange in the collections of the Rio Farms Citrus Center in Southern Texas
and it (their cultivar) certainly has seeds.  It is of good quality and
probably worth growing.

                                    Regards, Ethan  Houston, Texas Zone 9

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