[nafex] Copyrights, online or pirate

Ginda Fisher ginda at concentric.net
Mon Dec 11 21:42:16 EST 2000

In addition to the legal issues, it is only polite to ask an author
before reusing his work.

Ginda Fisher

Doreen Howard wrote:
> I second Claude's suggestion to consult with the experts at the GWAA site.
> They have an attorney on retainer--John Hazard--who helps with such
> problems.  BTW, my attorney tells me that as of 1996, a copyright symbol or
> mention does not have to be attached to a document for it still to be
> copyrighted.  The laws have become more in tune with what is happening on
> the Internet.  So....as a matter of form, always assume information is
> copyrighted and ask permission.  You'd be surprised how many authors,
> educational institutions and trade organizations will be delighted to let
> you reproduce their work for free, IF you attribute it to them.  It's only
> fair.  My 2 cents worth.
> Doreen Howard
> In blizzard-bound Wisconsin under a foot of snow
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> From: Claude Sweet <sweetent at home.com>
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> Date: Monday, December 11, 2000 4:24 PM
> Subject: Re: [nafex] Copyrights, online or pirate
> >I suggest that people interested in copyright ownership and reprints,
> >should consult with organizations that deal with these issues from the
> >perspective of the author. For example, the Garden Writers Association
> >of America.
> >
> >http://www.GWAA.org/
> >
> >There have been changes resulting from newspapers and magazine
> >publishers attempting to publish articles on the internet without
> >compensating the creator (author).
> >
> >The intellectual ownership of the author is an important issue that
> >every contributor to NAFEX publications should have resolved with a
> >written agreement upon acceptance for publication.
> >
> >Individuals who are employed by universities, Cooperative Extension
> >service, and federal agencies are generally required as part of their
> >employment to prepare articles for distribution to the public. These
> >articles are considered to be in the public domain and reprinting the
> >information is allowed with information of the publication and date in
> >which the article appeared. In ALL CASES, WITHOUT exception, credit must
> >be given to the author. Information used verbatim must be enclosed in
> >quotation marks, attributed to the author, and should NEVER be used out
> >of context as sometimes happens by commercial interests to sell
> >products.
> >
> >Claude Sweet
> >member GWAA
> >SAn Diego, CA
> >
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